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Quick-start for DMR user database

One of the nice things about DMR is the ability to see a users name and callsign right on your screen. Before you can do this though, you need to upload the DMR user database to your radio.


While uploading the dB to your radio can take quite a while, 10 minutes is not uncommon, downloading it only take a few seconds. Start by heading off to http://radioid.net and clicking the highlighted download link as shown above.

DMR User Database
Database Dump Files

In the top you will now see a link to “Database Dump Files”. This is the link you will need to click on to continue. In general I only download a new database dump every 3-4 months or whenever a new friend gets a DMR radio.

DMR Radio Users
DMR Users File

The highlight JSON file is what I was using for a piece of code. For most users you will want to get the “users.csv” file, but this can be different from radio to radio. If in doubt, try the users.csv file first.

If you need help with your specific radio, feel free to ask in the DMR Users Database Discussion Post.

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