Welcome to Florida Ham Radio. We are brand new, and hope to be adding content as well as clubs over the next few weeks. If you have suggestions or requests, feel free to join the forum and let us know.
Radio To Forum Posting
Posting directly to the forum from your radio

Posting directly to the forums can be done with a few simple steps from any email capable radio. In this example we will be using APRS with the protocol EMAIL-2. To keep this as simple as possible, everything is done with standard protocols that are probably already set up on your radio. If you have an APRS.fi account, it will help you assure everything is working correctly. To start bring up the message window in APRS.

APRS Alias Creation
Alias ro to the forums email parser

To make things easier, and much faster, start by creating an alias to the parse address. This step can be skipped, but skipping it will reduce the length of message you can send. To create your alias sent a message to EMAIL-2 with the syntax:

<alias ro@flhamradio.com>
Example: ro ro@flhamradio.com

You can substitute whatever alias you want in the place of “ro”

Alias post to forum from APRS
Make your first post

With the alias created, you can now send any message you want to post to the forums directly from your radio. To accomplish this, send email to EMAIL-2 with the syntax:

<ro your_message_here> Note that you need to use your alias if you used something different then “ro”
Example: ro Alias test post to forum from radio. Using Yaesu FTM-400.

Forum Post
Robot Overlord will show you love and post your comment in the forum

Thats all there is to it. In the past this has been a great asset for groups checking in over a large area where everyone may not be in range or even on the same digital mode. For questions or comments check out the Discussion Topic.