Welcome to Florida Ham Radio. We are brand new, and hope to be adding content as well as clubs over the next few weeks. If you have suggestions or requests, feel free to join the forum and let us know.

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North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC)

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Download DMR Database

Quick-start for DMR user database One of the nice things about DMR is the ability to see a users name and callsign right on your screen. Before you can do this though, you need to upload the DMR user database to your radio. While uploading the dB to your radio can take quite a while, […]

FCC Ham Vanity Callsign

Vanity Callsign Application Process

People want vanity callsigns for a variety of reasons but are often confused on where to start. While the process can seems confusing, once you have seen it it makes more sense. Before you start, make sure you are registered with the FCCs Universal Licensing System (ULS) found at: https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/systems-utilities/universal-licensing-system . Once you have your […]

EMCOMM Power Considerations

Faster Power Swaps For Preppers Or EMCOMM

It goes without saying preppers and EMCOMM operators are always considering what options they will have for power. What is often overlooked however, is how to get that power to your devices. What if you need to change from a power converter directly to a battery? Can you adapt and overcome quickly. With this simple […]

Radio To Forum Posting


Posting directly to the forums can be done with a few simple steps from any email capable radio. In this example we will be using APRS with the protocol EMAIL-2. To keep this as simple as possible, everything is done with standard protocols that are probably already set up on your radio. If you have […]